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termites - ANTEX Exterminating in Fayetteville and Pinehurst NCFor maximum termite treatment and protection, ANTEX Exterminating of the Greater Fayetteville area pulls out all the stops. Our Termite Protection Program provides ultimate termite control for protection and removal of possible infestations in the home. Termites have powerful abilities to chew through construction materials and damage various parts of your home’s structure – a costly fix that can be avoided by choosing ANTEX to inspect and protect your home early.

Termites can eat through a variety of materials, including concrete slabs. They can get through siding, construction foundation, and pipe penetrations. The program at ANTEX strives to protect these areas to ensure your home doesn’t experience an infestation or swarm of termites that can be very damaging to the rest of your residence.

Advance Termite

This is a high tech pest system that detects and eliminates termites from your home. With specialized baiting, Advance Termite offers a matrix called Puri-Cell that offers easy access to check on feeding termites. An insect growth regulator chemistry then filters through to eliminate the termites.

Advance Termite is pre-assembled, which optimizes its installment and increases the overall productivity. It can be used in a range of situations and environments – no matter the termite issue, Advance Termite has you covered.

Termidor Termite Defense System

ANTEX is a licensed operator for this system, which happens to be the number one termiticide on the market. The results of this system are must faster, and have a longer residual factor to protect your living spaces. Termidor is ingested by the termite, contacted and then transferred to spread the product throughout the entire infestation. While a liquid termite defense product, it is still environmentally friendly and does not have an odor. Our trained and licensed professionals at ANTEX are specialized in administering Termidor to effectively protect and exterminate your home.

ANTEX Exterminating offers free inspections and quotes. Protect your home and your family from harmful termites that may eat through your foundation and cause further issues. Our Termite Protection Program is here for you.


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