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pest control - Pinehurst NC & Fayetteville NCAllow our ANTEX exterminators to de-bug your home of pesky insects, pests, and rodents. These uninvited creatures can cause a plethora of further damage to the structure and living quality of your home. They harm wood, personal belongings, crawl spaces, walls, and other structures that can become quite costly to fix. Our professional exterminators in Pinehurst, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas are available to provide efficient pest control services to clear out these creatures and restore the comfort of your home.

Termite Control

Termites can get through all kinds of construction, including concrete. They eat wood, paper, books, drywall, insulation, and cardboard materials found in your home. Construction joints, pipe penetrations, bath traps, and spaces in your home’s outdoor siding are the most common points of termite entry. These termite infestations are indicated by hollowed-out wood areas or mud tubes that are extended across foundation walls, floor joists, and windowsill plates. ANTEX offers regular inspections as well as full extermination of termite infestations. You definitely don’t want to wait to get these pests cleared up.

Rodent Control

Mice and rats carry disease and are generally unpleasant when they’re residing in your home. They chew on wiring, eat your food, and create holes in walls, boxes, and other thin material. Rats are larger cousins to mice that can survive much longer, which can quickly grow a rat clan and continue to destroy various areas of your home. Both mice and rats (as well as other rodents) living in your home can become an even bigger problem if breeding occurs. ANTEX eliminates these wild critters on the spot, ensuring your home doesn’t smell and isn’t riddled with holes and other structural damage.

Ant Extermination

ANTEX can conquer a variety of ant invasions from ant species such as carpenter, moisture, winged, fire, and a handful of other types that enter the home. These pests damage property and ruin food. They are a large nuisance for homeowners because as little as they are, ants are built for survival. Traps, baits, and sprays aren’t always effective. ANTEX has full capabilities of exterminating these unsightly and uncomfortable ants to protect your home environment. We keep new colonies from reproducing by eliminating them at the source of queen ants.

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are known to survive incredible lengths of time in a variety of conditions, no matter how terrible. These are some of the most disturbing pests that infest homes. They carry pathogenic bacteria and fungi such as Salmonella that can easily be passed onto humans through foods or surfaces. Cockroach infestations produce allergens through their saliva, eggs, outer coverings, and their bodies, and can be more harmful to humans with asthma or other respiratory conditions. ANTEX has high-powered extermination efforts to remove these unfortunate creatures entirely from your home.

Bed Bugs

Our pest control services are also available for the removal and prevention of bed bugs. Bed bugs congregate in many areas that include bed frames, between walls and furniture, baseboards, and other tight areas. They also emit a musty scent, and you might find little red bites appear on your skin seemingly overnight. If you sense or discover a bed bug infestation, contact ANTEX right away.

Our team of exterminators follows the highest of standards to ensure your home is clean and comfortable, free from nerve-wracking pests that harm your living conditions. ANTEX provides high quality consultation, inspection, and pest control services to ensure you and your family are protected from further damaged caused by these unwelcome guests. Don’t wait – contact us today!

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