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crawl space repairThere is a reason why our employees at ANTEX Exterminating are proudly called “Certified Crawl Space Specialists” when it comes to crawl space repairs. We train our team at our corporate headquarters in Greater Fayetteville, and they have learned everything they need to know about repairing damaged crawl spaces and upgrading current protection measures. Crawl spaces are an integral part to the structure of your home and if they become damaged in any way, it could affect many of your other living areas.

Crawl spaces are prone to growing mold due to their dark, cramped nature. Being located underground or closer to the ceiling, moisture can easily seep into these spaces from rain, soil, humidity, or other leaks and condensation if there is piping present. This can create a mold problem, which may cause further rotting and structural damage. You may experience pest infestations under these conditions as well. Termites and other insects love rotting wood, and rodents appreciate these secluded crevices. We carry and service a full line of products to assist you with solving your crawl space issues quickly!

Our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier System can be installed over walls and floors of crawl spaces in just one day. This system reduces the moisture, humidity, and cold drafts to help keep your home’s structure solid. We also carry SilverGlo Insulation that waterproofs the walls of your crawl space, creating a complete vapor barrier. Our TerraBlock system will do the same for your flooring, keeping this area dry and free from mold growth.

If performed as soon as an issue is detected, crawl space repairs can avoid larger and more costly damage in the long run. Your home will also be healthier and safer to live in, as well as less expensive since our tactics have proven lower energy bills. ANTEX provides big protection for small areas – with professional and careful installation, we can get your crawl spaces cleaned up in no time.

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